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Mario Re invented: Goomba 2 by Adam430k Mario Re invented: Goomba 2 by Adam430k
For a side project I decided to make characters from the super mario brothers universe somewhat realistic/comic bookish and give them backgrounds and stories that make sense. For example..why are goomba's evil, why are they called mushroom people?

The Goomba is one of Bowsers groupings of troops. They are more lackeys as the Koopa Troops are the primary, stronger army.
Goombas are very dangerous beings that stand about as tall as Toad people, which is roughy 4 feet tall.

Goombas were once normal toad citizens of the mushroom kingdom until Bowser engineered a virus that attacked that specific group of people, making them vicious, deadly zombies under Bowser's control. The virus caused their arms to shrivel up and fall of, while they grow large protruding fangs from their lower jaws and their skin turns a tanish brown color. Goombas have roughly 3 rows of tiny sharp teeth.
They are very stupid and completely loyal to Bowser and his armies once infected.
They generally attack by biting and head butting.
Once a Mushroom citizen is turned into a goomba, the process is not reversible, meaning the only way to stop them is by stomping them. They are generally easy to destroy if you are able to get close enough without being damaged.

The Para Goomba's are given harnesses with wings that are genetically attached to their bodies. Generally the virus affects them worse than standard Goombas.
The micro goomba is a tiny parasite carried by the para goombas that drop out of the flying monster's mouth. Generally the Para Goomba will fly above the village dropping micro goombas on the citizens of the Mushroom Kingdom.
Once the micro goombas make contact with the mushroom people, their tiny spindle tentacles bury themselves and the tiny goombas attach to the mushroom people, spreading the virus. Generally once several micro goombas attach themselves to a being it slows down the victim's metabolism almost instantly, often affecting their ability to run or jump.

It is important to know that while the Micro Goomba will attack and try to infect anything it can penetrate, it is only able to infect mushroom people, turning them into vicious zombies. Once the Micro goomba spreads the virus they drop off and die.
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April 7, 2008
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