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Mario Re invented: koopas by Adam430k Mario Re invented: koopas by Adam430k
For a side project I decided to make characters from the super mario brothers universe somewhat realistic/comic bookish and give them backgrounds and stories that make sense. For example..why are goomba's evil, why are they called mushroom people?

The Koopa is the citizens under the rule of Bowser. These turtle like creatures are born to be vicious killing machines for their king. They are raised to fight and destroy.
There are several Ranks to the Koopa Army

Dry Bones are re-animated dead koopas, brought to life by Kamek the magikoopa. Once they are reanimated it is impossible to kill them again. These zombie koopas are generally quite dangerous.
These are the lowest ranking soldiers in the koopa army.

The standard koopa troop is a dangerous, turtle like being and soldier of the Koopa Army. Often pillaging the villages and stealing coins. Koopa Troops despite their size and appearance are not that hard to defeat. Generally mario is able to either scare them into their shells or stomp them. Once a Koopa is stomped dead, mario dumps the body and uses the shells as a weapon. They are basically the grunts of the Koopa Army and are numbered in the thousands.

Koopas with red shells are generally promoted to the rank of Para Troop.
The Para Troops are genetically engineered by Lakitu and equipped with wings to launch air raids and other attacks.
WonderDookie Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
haha. I dig the dangly legs. It perfectly illustrates an already goofy concept for flying turtles.
Adam430k Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2008  Student General Artist
yeah i wasn't sure what to do with the legs, and i was sure if turtles flew their legs would just kinda
very scientific i know.
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